Student Stories

student-lillianEven though I am a co-owner of the studio, I still regularly attend classes and take private lessons in order to improve my skills. I started pole fitness as a personal challenge to myself. I have always loved working out to stay fit. For me, going to a gym to workout became repetitive and boring. I wanted something new and different each time I worked out.

The studio is warm and inviting. The staff and other members are always encouraging and helpful. I have found a great location to improve as a person and an athlete.


In the year since I took my first fly gym class I have been hooked on this alternative style of exercise. I have learned a lot physically by challenging myself to a type of exercise I never thought possible and I have spiritually and mentally grown by being involved with such a wonderful group of women who enjoy seeing others accomplish as much as they do themselves. And who have supported and cheered me along the way- at 55 I’m not the most flexible or coordinated, but I have come a long way and I’m now taking beginner pole classes! To Amanda Anne you are a fantastic teacher a beauty and true artist. To Aimee Levesque who is also my instructor at Smart Body Pilates, you have taught me not only the physical aspect of exercise, but also the knowledge of understanding that your body and mind work together in making it all work. Aimee, you are an incredible teacher and woman and I thank you for all you do!


student-ruthI love dancing and always have so for me, pole dancing was just another style of dance for me to try so I started in 2012. After my first class I was sore but I kept coming back. Everybody will tell you about the physical benefits of pole dancing; it requires a great combination of strength, stamina and flexibility. But for me what makes pole dancing so different from every other workout is that it is empowering. It challenges me to face my fears, and when I finally conquer a new challenge there is always a group of great ladies cheering me on. The most beautiful thing about pole dancing is that you take what you learn and you make it your own. No two pole dancers are the same and that makes it as unique and beautiful.



I have always enjoyed dancing, but due to a lifetime of low self-esteem, I wasn’t confident enough in myself to dance anywhere except behind closed doors. The more I danced, the more I enjoyed it, and started to think that it wasn’t emotionally healthy for a woman to feel so embarrassed about herself.

So, a few months ago, I did something very difficult. I signed up and went to my first pole dancing class. I remember sitting outside feeling scared and almost started the car back up to drive away, but I reached deep within and forced myself to go inside. The longer I was in that class, the more comfortable I felt, and the more determined I was to learn. 

The more I practice, and the more moves and routines that I learn, the more I enjoy it. More importantly, it has given me so much confidence. It has lit a fire of motivation within myself, and I can’t even describe the magnitude of the change within me.

All women deserve the opportunity to treat themselves to something that helps them feel confident and happy in their own body. Pole dancing has changed my life, and I cannot express the love and respect that I have for the sport. Don’t be afraid to try something that could change your life too!