Student Stories

I was a little bored with my day to day and decided to find a fun “ME” something to do. I didn’t expect that I’d enjoy PPF so much. Before I knew it my body became leaner and stronger! I met new friends that constantly inspire and support me and I found a creative way of self expression. I feel and look better than ever before and freely confess that I’m hooked on Pole.




Having recently moved to Raleigh, I am truly so grateful to have found Pole Play. The community in this studio is so warm, supportive, and fun! I had taken a few sporadic pole classes before coming to Pole Play, but started taking my pole journey seriously after my first day in Progressive One here. I was surrounded by instructors who could intuitively help facilitate my growth and progress. After only a few short months, I have already learned a wealth of skills that I am extremely proud of and can build upon.

In addition to growing as a dancer, I truly feel that Pole Play is helping me grow as a person and a woman. There is constant encouragement to push your own limits and it is transformative and empowering. It has been so fun to face my fears here because I have the guidance of empathetic instructors and peers that believe in me. It is such a special feeling! I love walking into this dance studio because I know I’ll be walking out a stronger, better version of me. I have found pole dancing to be a liberating, empowering art form that has made my whole life more vibrant and exhilarating.


I started going to Pole Play a year and a half ago . When I started, I couldn’t even do a single pull up but I kept coming slowly but surely and I’m stronger than I ever could’ve imagined and doing things i never could’ve pictured myself doing. The girls that go here make for a great environment and the classes are always rewarding. I really do think it’s one of the best ways to get in shape. If you’re into a challenge, building muscle while being feminine and strong, surrounded by really nice people, I highly recommend Pole Play.