aimee-bioAimee Matthews


Aimee is fitness industry leader and has been all of her adult life boasting more than 20+ years in the fitness industry with teaching experience in almost every mainstream fitness endeavor.

Aimee tried out her first pole fitness class in Jan 2012 and was instantly hooked from the first “spin” around the pole.  Persistence, hard work, lots of practice, and private lessons has paid off.  At the age of 45, Aimee has found the ultimate fitness challenge with an artistic presentation that suits her nature.

Pole dance fitness seemed to provide another appealing challenge for Aimee a previous National Aerobic Champion competitor and Fitness America Pageant competitor.

“I was a bit skeptical at first that maybe this activity was best left to “younger gals”. Well I quickly got past that and realized every woman has an inner sexy side no matter what her age. Why put constraints on that? Expressing beauty, self-confidence, athleticism and sensuality is a great form of empowerment.”

“I love dance, performance and creative fitness activities. They allow for self expression, freedom and a beautiful sense of confidence.  I am thrilled to be sharing this new form of exercise with my students. I have had many injuries over my lifetime career as an athlete including a resurfaced, (metal constructed) hip. My lifetime experience with many aches, pains and set-backs has given me great insight on the limits of the body.  I often share with my students on how to avoid injury, strengthen necessary muscles and see progress at their chosen pace.”

Pole dance is not an all or nothing activity. Some students may strive to be a competitor in the sport while some may enjoy having a fun, alternative workout that gives them a stronger, leaner body. Some may just want to have fun dancing and share the camaraderie of the other ladies doing the same while some may seek a sexy way to surprise their significant other. Pole Fitness offers all of these and more.

About Aimee:

  • Xpert Certified Pole Instructor by X-Pole
  • Over 20 years in fitness industry
  • Certified Personal trainer
  • Pro-level pole competitor, coach, and choreographer
  • Past coaching experience with National Aerobics Championships and Fitness America Pageant competitors. Trained and choreographed winning routines for competitors in both sports.
  • BS in Psychology from University of Southern Maine, AS in business administration.
  • People’s Choice at NAPDC 2016 in the International Masters category
  • Professionally certified Pilates instructor through Body Arts and Science International
  • Owner of Smart Body Pilates studio-Raleigh




lillianLillian DuBiel


Always having been involved in some form of fitness, she became one of Pole Play’s charter members. Her love of the sport comes from the fact that it is always challenging and never boring.

As a co-owner of Pole Play, Lillian brings not only her love for this studio and its clients but her marketing, organizational and event planning skills.

About Lillian:

  • Xpert Certified Pole Instructor by X-Pole
  • Started pole dancing at age 51
  • Grand-master competitor
  • Spanish-speaking
  • Mother of three and grandmother of three
  • Passion for interior design and event planning




portiaPortia Parker


Portia started dancing at the age of 7 and trained in modern and ballet styles for 11 years at the Garden State School of Ballet and was a member of the schools youth company, traveling all over NJ performing. Additionally she had the opportunity to train at the Alvin Ailey school for a summer before her senior year of high school. She continued dancing throughout college and graduate school. However a knee injury in 2011 forced her to take a break. While rehabbing her knee she greatly missed dance and wanted to try pole dancing since it was mostly upper body (or so she thought!) and wouldn’t irritate her knee.  After a few classes she was hooked and decided to trade her horizontal ballet bar for a vertical one.

Pole dancing is where she can combine athleticism and flexibility with creative movement. Especially as a statistician working with numbers all day, pole is her outlet.  She enjoys teaching students and seeing them progress into doing things they didn’t think was possible. The best part of class is seeing a student who’s been working on a new move conquer it! She believes the strength, grace and confidence you develop from pole is invaluable and can translate into any part of life.


  • Xpert Certified pole instructor




Jenny Bramble


Jenny started pole dancing as a way to meet people and explore her creative side.  She fell WEB_42in love with the movement and freedom that pole gave her along with the community of dancers she found.  She is back to training hard after having to take a few years off–She has competed in several regional competitions and placed in each one. Her interests lie in competition, character building,  and helping her students to become strong dancers and stronger women.


  • Xpert Certified pole instructor
  • Liquid motion certified




Bonnie Cozmo


DSC_9904-Edit 1

Bonnie Cozmo is a second-generation circus performer and dance has been radiating from her body and soul since she was born. She is a classically trained ballerina and has years of experience in Jazz, Tap, Modern and holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the longest Ayesha hold at 1m & 16.5s; held since 2012.

Her movement journey began at age 5 and she has trained at various institutions, including but not limited to: Broadway Dance Center, Raleigh School of Ballet, American Dace Festival, Florida Dance Festival, Body & Pole, NC School of the Arts, NC Dance Institute, The Choreography House, Be Spun and the Cirque School of LA.


  • Xpert Certified pole instructor
  • Yoga-fit
  • Kripalu DansKietics
  • Aradia Fitness
  • The Method


Rachel Laney


Rachel took her first pole class in November of 2011 and was immediately hooked. With no prior experience in dance or athletics, she loves the constant challenges of perfecting new tricks, as well as the new avenues of expression that pole dancing has brought her. She loves exploring how different tricks and transitions fit into her own personal dance style. Rachel regularly performs and competes throughout the US.

Having sustained several injuries throughout her pole dancing career, Rachel’s main priority as an instructor is creating a safe environment to learn in. She has a particular focus on safe training, proper technique, and flexibility conditioning (so she can continue to do this for a VERY long time).


Tiara Totten


Tiara took her first pole class back in 2015. She was interested in pole fitness for quite some time, but was intimidated to try it. After going to a class with a friend to try it out for fun, she fell in love immediately. She felt that it was challenging and difficult, but so rewarding. She discovered many benefits to pole that included a stronger, more defined body, a greater sense of self confidence, and a wonderful, supportive community of women.

As a mental health and substance abuse therapist, she found an outlet to relieve stress and transfer everything she was feeling into something beautiful and unique. “Pole fitness is truly my therapy, and I’m grateful to help others discover what this form of expressive art can do for them.”