Class Descriptions

sign-up-buttonIntro to Pole

This is a class for those who have never before been on a pole! This class welcomes all beginners who are interested in discovered the world of pole dancing.

Pole Progressive I

This is where it all begins! Never tried pole dance but always wanted to? Our instructors will teach you the fundamental movements needed to start you on your way! This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. By the end of this course you will have learned numerous spins, how to climb, and the conditioning exercises needed for inverts and more advanced movement. You won’t believe how much progress you will make in only 8 weeks!

Pole Progressive II

This class is a great transition from Progressive I. This follow on 8 week program will build on what was learned in level I. You will be introduced to basic invert technique, improvements on the basic climb, more challenging spins, and conditioning exercises. The session will end with a “mini” routine. (8 weeks session time).

After completing both levels of Progressive series you will be ready to try one of our intermediate level classes!

Students enrolled in our progressive series may do class make-ups in another class as long as the make-up is completed within the 8 weeks of the course and with 12 hours notice to the instructor.

Pole Players

This class is not progressive and will remain at a novice to low intermediate level. Students will work on basic dance moves and spins, basic invert and climbing techniques, conditioning and flexibility training.

Pole Divas

This class will suit the intermediate student that is able to perform basic inverts and climbs safely. Advanced spins, holds, and conditioning skills will be taught as well as dance routine sequences.

Pole Up

This pole specific conditioning class is for all levels! A true strength workout this class will be comprised of drills and exercises to get you stronger and more fit for pole! Our Fly gym apparatus will also be used in this class and a 15 minute segment on flexibility training as well targeting the muscles that need to be flexible for pole success!

Poler’s Challenge – Advanced

Aimee will teach this class with a structured format that will change each time.  Students wanting to participate in this class should be able to invert and climb easily and also must be comfortable on spin pole.

Flexy Fit

Want your back to be more bendy and your leg lines to reach with ease? Flexibility is a cornerstone in every artistic sport. Pole is one of those sports where a good range of motions is a necessity in order to achieve some important pole elements, as well as avoiding injury.

This class will use the Dharma (Yoga wheel) as well as the pole as a stretching prop in order to achieve deeper stretches from the back legs and shoulders.

All levels of experience are invited to attend this class. Modifications will be given for different abilities.


Chair-to-pole is a fun class that incorporates floor work, chair dance, and beginner pole moves to create combos and short routines. Come and create a dance that will make you feel sexy and powerful, while strengthening your core.

Fly Gym classes at Pole Play Fitness

We are excited to be the first place in Raleigh to offer Fly Gym classes! Part aerial training apparatus, part flexibility trainer, part hardcore fitness trainer and 100%  FUN!

Fly Gym is for anyone who wants strength and flexibility, from someone new to exercise all the way to the expert. The Fly Gym mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun and safe suspended environment.


Check our online schedule for dates and times of our Fly Gym classes. Also, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!


Studio Rental

Studio rentals must be pre-approved.  Please call the studio to discuss setting up a time that fits your needs. You may also bring a personal photographer or videographer during this time for an added fee.

Students $20/hour per student

Photo/Video shoots $50-$100/hour

Studio Price Menu

Single Class $23


Private Pole Lesson $65


Semi-Private Pole Lesson $40


8 week Progressive Classes $150
(1 class per week)


8 Class Package $135
(Good for 3 months from purchase)


12 class Package $195
(Good for 3 months from purchase)


Unlimited Class Monthly Package $150
(30 day expiration)

Private Party bookings
1 hour 15 minutes of studio time allotted per party:

Small Party (7 or less participants) $165

Large Party (8 to 15 people, max.) $225


Looking to Progress Faster?

Private lessons by request.
Please email: or call (919) 578-4162 to schedule your private Pole Play lessons.