Pole Play Parties

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Pole Play is the ultimate place for your special event.  Come “unleash your wild side” with us!

Let the boys party it up at their “game nights” while we take center stage in high heels and confident attitudes in a game night of our own!!!

No worries if you or your girlfriends have never touched a pole; no experience is needed! Our instructors are thrilled and capable of teaching you moves you didn’t know you had in you.

Be ready to strut, spin, and slink to the floor while you laugh out loud and create a memorable evening with your friends!

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Highly Recommended Diva Package

Pole dancing fitness in Raleigh, NCPerfect for…

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Divorce Parties
  • Moving Away Parties
  • Lady Co-worker parties

How it works:


  • You may want to have your party themed for your event, so pick one from below or come up with your own… Let your inhibitions go and unleash your wild side!
  • Small Party- 7 participants / party time 75 minutes / $175
  • Large party 8 to 15 / party time 90 minutes /  $250
  • Parties require a $100 deposit in order to secure time.
  • Party must be paid in full 48 hours prior to party start time. Payment must be one transaction–for example, one credit card payment or cash.
  • Parties may be requested by calling our studio direct or requesting online.
  • We do not allow any outside food or beverage to be brought in for our parties, but we do offer The Diva Party Package to customize your party (see details above).
  • Late arrivals will not allow for your party’s time to be extended so be please be punctual.
  • Guests may enter the studio no earlier than 10 min. prior to party start time.
  • Deposits made are non-refundable after 5 days prior to party date. You may however reschedule a missed party date with us for a later time and we will honor the deposit.

Some of our popular choices include:

70’s 80’s Retro/Disco Days

Encourage your guests to don satin shorts and jackets, big hair and bright red lipstick! We will provide you with music from that era.

Baby’s Got Back

For those of us who love the beat of hip hop and rap music.   Show them your best booty bounce while dancing to popular hip-hop hits.

Naughty Hotties

Take out those high heels to die for and wear your sexiest lingerie as you dance to sexy, sensual music and learn the most enticing exotic dance moves.

Hard Rock Chicks

Wear all the black you can find, heavy black eyeliner and killer shoes…maybe even a cut-off t shirt and daisy duke shorts!  Rock on with your girls in this rock-and-roll themed party with plenty of edgy music to inspire the rock star in you!

2013-12-09-22-47-21_decoThe Art of Sexy

This class features the use of the chair as a dance prop. In addition to the skills you will  learn on pole you and your ladies will learn to incorporate beautiful, sexy moves on a chair. This specialty party option includes a basic lesson in strip tease as well. Learn how to take off a jacket, glove or a shoe in an attention grabbing way that will be nothing but fun!